Field sprayer JAR MET 600l

Product Code: 41.3
Call for Price: +995 595 790177


  • 600 liters tank made of polyethylene PE – LLD.
  • Width of the field beam : 12 meters with a hand winch for height regulation, manually foldable.
  • 120 l/min pump ensures efficiency and an air chamber eliminates liquid pulsation.
  • Hydraulic ejector stirrer maintains proper levels of working fluid concentration.
  • Manometer.
  • A four- stage liquid filtration system (stage I: filling sieve, stage II : suction filter, stage III: self-cleaning filter next to the distributor, stage IV: filters placed in the sprayers frames).
  • Dilution hopper.
  • Fresh water tank with a capacity of 15 liters (for washing hands).
  • Italian type distributor.
  • Threefold rotary sprayers in the form of a head with valves serving against condensation and with RSM nozzle.
  • Whole steel structure is kibbled and powder coated, which ensures an excellent anti-corrosion protection.