Snow plows PRONAR PU-2600 & PU-3300

Product Code: 111.5
Call for Price: +995 595 790177

Durable and reliable plows for efficient snow removal on larger open spaces (parks, squares) and long routes are no problem for snow plows PRONAR PU-2600 & PU-3300. Plows have an interchangeable plowshare (blade) and protection system against overload due to too much resistance posed by the obstacle surface (protruding wells, stones, etc.). Upon encountering an obstacle the latch on the mouldboard opens and allows it to swing forward to prevent damage.

Mounting Category 2 and 3 three-point hitch, rotary  
Working width 2300/2500 2700/2900 mm
Number of working positions 2 (possibility of mediate positions)  
Cutting edges Metal  
Shock absorption of the cutting edge Soft on polyurethane foam  
Control Hydraulic from tractor  
Hydaulic power supply 16-20 MPa
Electric power supply 12 V
Clearance lights Standard  
Working speed 10 km/h
Power demand 80-150 80-150 HP
Skids Standard  
Weight 660 680 kg